Electric power lines have crept across the golf course. Road construction has whittled the course to six holes. Waves of violent attacks in Kabul have kept many potential golfers from venturing "outside the wire" to the golf course. Despite recent construction efforts, including the miraculous addition of grass, the golf course is in danger. Its position as the world's toughest and most dangerous place to make a tee time brings it a great deal of macho cachet. But eventually the fighting will stop and the latest set of guns will begin to rust. When that happens, the club must be healthy and prepared to greet the new realities.

We actually thought the war would be over by now.  The little course, which has gone from battle field to mine field to playing field sits mostly unused by foreigners as the golfing contingent in Kabul stays low and safe behind the wire in the city.  Always looking forward, Mohammad Afzel has begun teaching young Afghans the game he loves.  We will continue to support the Kabul Golf Club - the most famous and least played golf course in all of Asia!